Delsyk Design Kayaks lives! Dear friends, followers, paddlers and those who want to become one. After the tragic death of Mike Neckar in 2022, it was unclear for a long time whether and how Mike’s unique kayaks would continue. 3 years ago I already talked to Mike about the succession of the company, because I am firmly convinced that the great Delsyk Design Kayaks deserve to continue. Mike was already in poor health and dull at that time. So I looked for investors from the market segment and finally found RotoAttivo. In the future, Roto will produce the famous Mike Neckar boats and we at ausgeWILDert – echte Natur erleben (Experience real nature) will support the existing dealers and new selected partners with advice, action and the usual favourable prices and also have an open ear for the paddlers’ questions. To the future and Delsyk Design Kayaks, in honourable memory of Mike Neckar. Handbreit

Detlef Stöcker

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